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First of all, happy new year! I didn't think we'd make it this far, but we have! Coming from almost nothing and continuing to rise three years later, I bring you my newest album, my sequel to ReKall: Ride Eternal.

This is a big album for me, partly because it took me since August, 2019 to finish it, and also because I've done and am doing multiple brand new things I've never done before, like having this website! But even more importantly, Ride Eternal will have time to breathe. Pictured below is the liner booklet for the album, another first step in things I've not ever done for a release, until now.

Click the image for a closer look.

Besides little things like this, I also plan and/or want to have at least a few more videos to put on Youtube for the tracks on this album, and then of course there's the text adventure I was/am developing on the main page of this website. This will be something of a companion "game" that sits alongside Ride Eternal and sets up for the album that comes next. But I will not be speaking about the next project for quite a while.

This current album is important to me, though, because it marks what I feel is my current peak of quality in production and sound, and is also my most coherent take on the imagined story and character I base almost all of my music on.

The vampire returns in the year 2386 amidst a delirious return of the dead, and a worldwide apocalyptic meltdown. Racing from sunrise to sundown to find the answers she seeks—Until the moment she wakes up; until she finally opens her eyes.

She plunges back to reality aboard a derelict vessel adrift thousands of light-years from civilization, lost in the ever-consuming dark of deep space. Out of time, out of life, will there never be an end to the repeating onslaught of her nightmare?

Something I really haven't expanded on all that much, though, is: Who is "the vampire."

Back in the middle of 2015, I was writing three books (one of which I actually finished and self published), and one of them was titled "3000 Miles of Blood." A tale of a vampire named Morgan Karga, who lives in the marshes of Florida outside of Miami. A bloodsucker who accidentally triggers a war between the Fae, the Werewolves and of course, also the Vampires, whom all occupy the United States. And at its yet-to-be-written explosive conclusion, is blackmailed into revealing to the general public both her own identity, and the existence of the undead.

This is the character I base all of my music on.

But Morgan Karga is more than a character in 3000 Miles of Blood, and more a character who exists in multiple parallel universes that snapped into existence during the paradoxical ending of NetherBound—also a mistake of her own making.

The music itself follows a headcanon I haven't even begun writing, in large part due to the fact that 3000 Miles of Blood is only halfway finished and needs a rewrite most of all. Will I do this? I certainly hope so, because I've been wanting to finish this book for forever, and I'd love to give people an actual fictional reference for what all of these things stem from.

In any case, this is part of why I want to give Ride Eternal time to actually breathe, rather than immediately jumping into the next album. Because I'm hoping the part of my brain that demands creation decides that it finally wants to finish 3000 Miles of Blood. A task that I imagine will take a month or so, if I can get my head into it. And it is much harder to get my brain into writing fiction than making music.

Ride Eternal is available on Bandcamp, and as of writing this, is being submitted to all other outlets, including Spotify, which you can pre-save here.

Author: Meryl S.K.