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So, over the holidays and a little bit beyond that, I acquired a handful of musical works by different artists I follow, and I wanted to actually take some time to listen and give my thoughts. While I've been really out of my writing vibe for quite some time, due to how much I've been concentrating on music, I feel like this is a neat way to get my head back into that particular zone. Even if my thoughts aren't something I'd yet call 'professional' reviewing standards.

Below are my un-edited thoughts behind each release I've picked up and listened to on Bandcamp since slightly before Christmas 2019.

First up, we have 'Twirl', by Alpha Chrome Yayo.

Fave track: Hadopelagia

This whole album is like playing the underwater level in Donkey Kong. Reminds me of being a little kid on my super nintendo on the weekends when school's out, and is generally a really cool and chill musical listening experience. Also, the final closing track, '1994pm but you're grounded' is hilarious, I love it.

Twirl is available here.

Next up we have, 'Androids Anonymous', by Miles Matrix.

Fave track: Human Hardware

Right off the bat, it was a toss-up for me between Human Hardware and No Bot Left Behind as my fave track, because long epic tracks are one of my favorite things. This whole album, though, is a walk through a robotic cyberpunk future with a lot of edge-of-your-seat vibes, and some breaks in-between with a chilled-out feeling, and then Snakebrother, which reminds me of Hotline Miami. All-in-all superb, keep up the awesome music, Miles!

Androids Anonymous is available here.

Following that we have 'Something Whiskered This Way Comes' by Cat Temper.

Fave track: Hissteria

This was the first album and selection I've ever heard from Cat Temper and I am absolutely not disappointed! From the retro vibes, to the classic rock and nintendo vibes, up to and including what I could've sworn were a slight hint of dubstep vibes; This album's got it all, and it's great! Looking forward to hearing more.

Something Whiskered This Way Comes is available here.

Coming down the list, up next is 'Dead Again' by The Evil Dark.

Fave track: Poisonous

With a slathering of darkness, some club vibes that are real cool and a dash of retro, this is a pretty great album, and also another first for me in my discovery of new music and the artists behind them! I say 'Poisonous' is my favorite track but I also really liked 'Desires' and 'Dead Again'. And, of course, I am a fan of the dead and undead themes.

Dead Again is available here.

And finally, we have 'Imagine the Echo' by Best Korea.

I previewed this track before it was released in the middle of messing around in Borderlands 3 and it was the absolute perfect background track! But mostly I just really like the sax vibes and the neon feelings this gives me. If there were a sunglasses emote, I'd put that here.

Imagine the Echo is available here.

All-in-all, this was a pretty cool exercise in getting my head way out of my own work, and into some (and I say 'some', because there are so many artists out there I follow and have listened to) music that is definitely worth your attention.

Stay tuned for the next episode of 'Meryl Listens.' Where will my ears go next, nobody knows! But I'm sure we'll soon find out.

Interested in more music that I like and listen to? Check out my playlist on Spotify, RetroWave: RetroGenesis Overdrive. And, of course, be sure to check out my latest album, Ride Eternal, available digitally and via compact disc.

Author: Meryl S.K.