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updated 6/7/2020

Update, month of June, 2020

I went and found one of my earliest save files and decided to renovate it in the same way I did the previous template I had hosted here, and so, now, my original Sims 4 save file from late 2016, early 2017 is the template! There are some differences, but it is mostly almost exactly the same (with some time that has passed in the game itself, but most original sims haven't aged).


I've always had a hard time starting a new Sims 4 game, because in order to fully enjoy it, you really need a complete save file. And by that I mean, a file with houses upgraded and renovated to match the packs that have been released in the past six years. Plus, it's also nice to have new and varied sims.

So! What I've done with this template save is I've plopped down almost all of my own homes I've built, and when I ran out of those, I used many, many creations from the gallery that I've been a fan of, and have used for a long time. Builds from simmers like Lilsimsie and Plumbella! (Had I taken the time to build every single lot myself I'd have been at this for an entire year, probably) And then on top of that, I've littered the world with most of the sims I've made over the past four years, so that there are a large amount of brand new sims you might encounter on your daily simming.

There are some neat things to discover about the sims I've put into these worlds, but you are of course not required to keep any of them, and you can delete and rebuild as you please! I just wanted to put something that I'm using up here mostly for fun. Also, beware, this file uses most of the expansions, gamepacks and stuff packs, so if you don't have them things will be removed upon loading.

In order to "install" this save file, simply go to your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > saves and then paste the included files (up top) into this folder, and then when you go to load game you'll see 'Meryl's Template Save' in there! (make sure you don't have any save files utilizing number 99)